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84 Chiropractic Center Patient Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of 84 Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below.

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Very Friendly Personality

Dr. Joe made my entire experience comfortable with his very friendly personality and willingness to talk through what was going on as he did things. After one visit I felt immediate positive results, and I look forward to going back and feeling even better! Can’t say enough good. Thanks again, Dr. Joe!

~ Lacy K.

A Great Experience

I feel as if my issues very addressed thoroughly. I have been to chiropractors who would hear me but didn’t listen. He listened and helped; I felt better after my first visit. I did not feel rushed and the time that was taken to hear me out was greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to my upcoming visits to feeling better. This was a great experience.

~ Joannie S.

Highly Recommend

I’ve had nerve pain (burning, tingling, numbness) in my right hip/back for over 20 years. I’ve been to physical therapy, other chiropractors… nothing helped. After my first adjustment a few weeks ago, all of that nerve pain is gone. 20 years I’ve suffered and one adjustment changed my life. On top of that, I’m very uncomfortable with being touched at all, but I feel so at ease that it doesn’t bother me. He’s extremely knowledgeable, highly professional, and genuinely compassionate. I highly recommend him.

~ Leah M.

Relieved My Back Pain

Thanks for your help in keeping me in shape and relieving my back pain from years of working in retail. It’s nice not having to take medicine to relief the aches and pains. I’m so glad my doctor/friend recommended you, or I’d still be in pain.

~ Tina H.

Extremely Impressed

Highly recommend this office to others! I’ve only had 1 visit so far but I’m already feeling better and Dr. Piasecki takes the time to explain everything in detail. I was extremely impressed and I will say that I was a skeptic when it came to chiropractics and I haven’t been to one in years. The difference I felt I when I left the office was amazing to me.

~ Rikki S.

Explains Everything

Dr. Piasecki takes the time to listen to you and explains everything in detail in a professional way. I now have a better understanding of what the issues were. I will definitely be recommending him!

~ Cait Y.

Highly Recommend

I was admittedly EXTREMELY nervous about my 1st visit to a chiropractor. However, Dr. Joe quickly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. After only 1 visit, my back feels better than it has in 8+ years. I would highly recommend Dr. Joe to anyone!

~ Brandon H.

Doctor is Fantastic!

It is truly amazing how much better I feel after a month and a half of going to Dr. Piasecki. He is fantastic! I would recommend him to any and everyone looking to feel better and get to a healthier place than they are today. Thanks so much for everything!!

~ Cassie C.

Extremely Impressed

I am extremely impressed with the amount of time spent, the attention to detail, and the explanations of each part of the care given by Dr. Joe. I am looking forward to a marked improvement in range of motion and a decrease in pain as I continue treatment and exercises. Dr. Joe exhibited a friendly yet professional demeanor as well as a thorough knowledge base. Not only will I continue with my care at 84 Chiropractic Center but also I will recommend Dr. Joe to others I know.

~ Robynne M.

Best Interest at Heart

I was very satisfied and felt at ease with my back problem after seeing Dr. P. I felt better after the first visit. Dr. P explained my situation and needs thoroughly. I am so relieved being in a doctors care that has my best interest at heart.

~ Lori M.

Symptoms Significantly Improved

I had severe neck pain, headaches and pain in my left arm. My family doctor told me I had bulging discs on my MRI. Someone recommended me to Dr. Piasecki because of the success they had with a similar condition. After a few visits, my neck pain was significantly improved and I haven’t had any headaches. The pain in my left arm is gone, too and I can get through my work day with ease.

~ Chris S.

Impressive and Knowledgeable

I was very impressed by the staff and knowledge of Dr. P. He spent a lot of time explaining my condition and plan for my treatment. I can say I noticed some improvement in my pain after my very first visit. Thank you!

~ Alyssa D.

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