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Auto Accidents

Automobile accident

Even if there is minimal damage to your car, there can still be injuries.   Your body is much different than glass, plastic and metal!

It started with your normal daily trip to work.

Then, you hear screeching tires and the loud sound of metal hitting metal.  In that instant,  you don’t have time to brace yourself.  You feel the force of the car moving forward from the impact!

Hidden Damage

It’s tempting to brush off your own injuries because your car may have little or no damage. Research shows you can sustain injuries considerably more than what you’d expect from a lower force impact.

The Medical Solution

You visit the emergency room, you get x-rays.  You have no broken bones, so the doctor says there is nothing wrong and everything checks out OK.  You might get a prescription to reduce the muscle spasms and pain caused by soft tissue injuries in your neck or lower back.

We Can Help

What you really need is a health professional that truly understands whiplash, soft tissue injuries, spinal biomechanics and how to rehab your injuries. The solution: Contact 84 Chiropractic Center.  Don’t just search for any “chiropractor near me.”  You want the highest rated chiropractor near Washington PA, Bentleyville PA, and Eighty Four PA that is expertly trained to treat you for your injuries.

Whether it was a low impact incident, or a high speed incident, you need people who know how to work with lawyers and insurance companies.

If you’ve been in a car accident, contact 84 Chiropractic Center now. We know what you’re going through.  We offer drug-free care to help you to heal from the underlying injuries causing your pain.  We can help put this behind you once and for all and get back to your normal life.

Common Questions

  • Why do I have pain in my arms and hands?
    The nerves that travel to the arms and hands exit through the spine at the neck.  When the neck is injured from the car accident, numbness and tingling are common because the injury affects those nerves that exit the spine.
  • Why did my headaches start after my accident?
    The injuries to your neck and upper back are creating tension in the muscles that hold up the head.  This will create “tension type” headaches caused form your injuries.  This can take days or weeks for the symptoms to appear.
  • Will I ever be normal again?
    Many of our patients report improved range of motion, a reduction of symptoms, and improved quality of life. The longer the appropriate chiropractic care is delayed after an accident, the more likely that scar tissue and long-standing spinal misalignments will make the recovery period longer.